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A mixer bottle is one of the easiest ways to blend healthy meal replacement shakes, smoothies, and snacks while you EZ Battery Reconditioning are on the road. There are both battery powered versions and battery-free versions to choose from. The battery-free versions offer more flexibility and you don't have to rely on having batteries on hand. They're also more portable and can generally be used as water bottles, and of course they don't break as easily.




Battery-free blender bottles come in two models. One has a plastic mesh in the top of the cup. This breaks up lumps and clumps. The other type has a blenderball inside of it, which is usually a stainless steel ball that will swirl around the cup as you shake the ingredients. This doesn't just blend the ingredients but it breaks up lumps as well, especially lumps caused by protein and supplement powders. The blender bottle models are also good for mixing up other things, like salad dressing, gravy, and pancake mix, making them useful camping accessories as well. You should just be aware that most mixer bottles are not designed to hold hot ingredients: everything should be mixed and used cold.